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NetEase Choose DoubleClick For AD Management And Email Marketing

Beijing, China, November 27, 2003
2003/12/03 19:06:58

DoubleClick Inc. (Nasdaq: DCLK), the leading provider of tools for advertisers, web publishers and direct marketers, today announces that, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTES), a leading China-based Internet technology company, has chosen DoubleClick to handle its ad management and email marketing. NetEase has entered into an enhanced agreement to use DoubleClick's DART Enterprise 5.1 for its ad management needs and ClickM@iler for its email marketing needs.

DoubleClick has been enhancing its activities in the market place of China and is looking forward to strengthening its commitment to provide the highest quality of marketing technology solutions and infrastructure designed and tailored to meet the needs of innovative companies in China. Both Domestic and international marketers increasingly demand these services to spend their marketing and advertising budgets professionally and effectively. At the same time it is a great opportunity for forward thinking web publishers and portals to provide advertisers a sophisticated marketing platform, where they are able to flexibly and efficiently reach their targeted audience, enabling and facilitating e-business and generally bring marketing to the next level.

The partnership is a reflection of NetEase's commitment and dedication to advertisers and users, as well as a ringing endorsement of DoubleClick as a leading solution for managing, serving and reporting online marketing. "We believe providing 3rd party monitoring reports and outstanding marketing solutions for advertisers are extremely important. NetEase is continuing to look internationally to deliver the most up-to-date and world-class advertising solutions. We are pleased to announce our cooperation with DoubleClick today so that our advertisers and partners will receive the best possible professional service. DoubleClick offers effective and professional ad budgeting and evaluation, which allows us to provide our advertisers with more comprehensive platform to reach client's target with great flexibility," said Ted Sun, Acting Chief Executive Officer of NetEase.

NetEase is the first portal in China to provide email service in Chinese. The accumulated users make it the best qualified email marketing provider in the region. "With Clickm@iler, we will not only be able to serve our advertisers with customized dynamically generated email content, we'll also be able to ensure that our users receive more relevant marketing messages. Thus, delivering better ROI and effectiveness for our advertising clients." Sun continued.

NetEase and DoubleClick are jointly committed to deliver the best quality solutions for advertisers. NetEase will migrate more international-standard technology and ad framework to their systems and continues to seek for innovative ad technology to continuously improve their ad service, as well as driving the development of online marketing in China.

"NetEase is not only one of the largest and most sophisticated portals in China, NetEase is also an extremely successful marketer of wireless and gaming services" said Ralf Hirt, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, DoubleClick. "The company's confidence in DoubleClick is a large testament to our ability to be able to meet the needs of large customers that require flexible, creative marketing technology solutions across multiple channels. With both DART Enterprise 5.1 and Clickm@iler, NetEase is now in a position to maximize advertising inventory as well as enhancing the cross-selling potential for its own services. We are excited to assist NetEase in developing its tremendous client base. Our best-of-breed marketing solutions portfolios including business consulting services as well as our local presence in Beijing are a great combination and fit to deliver strong results for NetEase, hence, this partnership is excellent news for advertisers and the industry in general, too."

About DoubleClick Inc.

DoubleClick is the leading provider of tools for advertisers, direct marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyze their marketing programs. DoubleClick's online advertising, email marketing and database marketing solutions help clients yield the highest return on their marketing dollar. In addition, the company's marketing analytics tools help clients measure performance within and across channels. DoubleClick Inc. has global headquarters in New York City and maintains 22 offices around the world including Beijing and Hong Kong.

DoubleClick's DART Enterprise is a premiere software solution for managing, serving and reporting on online advertising and other digital channels, which helps web sites monetize their content while using their existing infrastructure. ClickM@iler, DoubleClick's email marketing software solution in Asia, will be used by NetEase to handle the delivery and reporting of its email marketing initiatives.

About NetEase, Inc. is a leading China-based Internet technology company that pioneered the development of applications, services and other technologies for the Internet in China. The Company's online communities and personalized premium services have established a large and stable user base for the NetEase Web sites which are operated by our affiliate. As of October 31, 2003 NetEase had over 151 million accumulated registered accounts, and our average daily page views for the month ended October 31, 2003 exceeded 370 million.

Community products and services which the NetEase Web sites offer include Instant Messaging, Personals, Matchmaking, Alumni Clubs, Personal Home Pages and Community Forums. NetEase is also the largest provider of free e-mail services in China. Furthermore, the NetEase Web sites provide 20 channels of content. NetEase sources news content on world events, sports, science and technology, and financial markets as well as entertainment content such as cartoons, games, astrology and jokes from over one hundred international and domestic content providers.

NetEase offers on-line advertising on its Web sites as well as paid listings on its Search Engine, Web Directory and Classified Ads services, and an Online Mall, which provides opportunities for e-commerce and traditional businesses to establish their own storefront on the Internet.

NetEase also offers Wireless Value-added Services such as news and information content sent over short-messaging services, MMS and WAP technologies, and Online Game services through two massively multi-player online role-playing game titles, Westward Journey Online 2.0 and Priston Tale 2.0.

About, Inc., Inc. is a leading China-based Internet technology company which has pioneered the development of applications, services and other technologies for the Internet in China. The NetEase Web sites, operated by our affiliate, organize and provide access to 2 local channels and 17 content channels through content distribution arrangements with over 150 international and domestic content providers. In addition, the NetEase Web sites contain over 1540000 personal home pages created and maintained by our users that enable users to express themselves, share items, interests and areas of expertise and to publish personal content accessible by other Chinese Internet users. The NetEase Web sites also offer online interactive community services through 1,800 community forums and over 115000 personal community forums created by registered users. At the end of March, 2004, the number of simultaneous chat room participants reached 55476 during peak hours., Inc. offers auction and online mall technology services, which provide opportunities for e-commerce and traditional business customers to establish an online e-commerce presence on the NetEase Web sites.



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